SXSW 2014: Justin Bieber at Bangers

Personal rant: Why people have made Justin Bieber performing during SXSW, a controversial matter. It’s disheartening, really! And I don’t mean the Bieber Fever, that has Austin Citizens swooned.

My Opinionated, Opinion: I’m from Austin. Like, born here, raised here, FROM here. And I’ve seen the city evolve into a hub for everything, geeky, chic, techie, and anything else strangely hip in between. We’ve always been a humble town, welcoming, yet rich with culture and acceptance of new ideas. Slowly but surely, I’ve seen it develop rigid edges, and judgemental eyes. What happened to ‘Old Austin‘? The good is still there, but the ugly pops its head out without hesitation, at the blink of an eye. Its not right to boast that we are an eclectic, melting pot, friendly city – When we are spending much of our energy, exuding negativity, cruel criticism, and pure hate to a celebrity. They’re here working, and hopefully to get a break from all of the other high strung Metropolitan cities they may not like as much. Don’t give us Austinites a bad name, we don’t walk around with our heads up our a****, and more importantly, we’re an inspirational group of people. Think, before speaking.

Why You SHOULDN’T Hate on Bieber: Bieber is a person, before what ever other vulgarity you want to label him with. He’s an imperfect human being, just like you and me. His disadvantage: all of his business, receives more attention than news on CNN, all the time, almost always negatively. Would you appreciate if someone spoke of your father, brother, or son so terribly? Then don’t do it to someone elses’ kid, it’s that simple. Lastly, did Bieber harm you, or a small puppy? Did he take food out of your mouth, or clothes off your childrens’ back? Then STFU already! I could go on, but I cant teach grown adults to constructively criticize themselves in front of a mirror.

Why You SHOULD Still Eat at Banger’s: Banger’s, way to shake them haters off. If your so called ‘loyal customers’, are willing to publicly backlash you for hosting a Musician, no matter who they are, just because they ‘strongly disagree’ with YOUR decision, who the hell needs em’? Don’t sell yourself short, to peoples’ dishonesty. Blasting you badly one night, but in for lunch the following afternoon? – That’s terrible patron-service. You guys still have my money, as long as you keep pushing hot, delicious foods and cold frothy beverages, my way.

In Conclusion: Revisit the definition of respect. Spewing out so much hate/negative vibes, over some guy, who’s made some money, shouldn’t ripple your pond. Live your life man, and hey, if you walk by something you don’t like, that isn’t harmful, just keep going. One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure. In other news, SXSW is still bringing Austin mucho, mucho dinero – Bieber’s mentor, Usher, is cutting million dollar checks left and right,  while you all sit here and exude your self hate, in all it’s glory.

P.S. I’ve heard maybe, four songs of Bieber’s? I don’t hate his music, nor do I love it. Leave the ugliness out with the rain, and just enjoy yourselves! Time is much too precious, to spend judging other people (it ain’t your place, anyway), when we’ve all got our own lives to live.

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6 responses to “SXSW 2014: Justin Bieber at Bangers

  1. But sweet sparkling cider, Bieber’s appearance sure created a tempest in a teapot! And I ain’t gonna lie, I really enjoyed reading some of the more creative comments. The flat out ugly ones, I just scrolled past. In the end, I think Banger’s will benefit from all this. The hateful comments brought out the empathy in others. Don’t like Bieber’s version of music, but that may be because I’m old. Fans of Banger’s won’t let this deter them from return business. And the creatively critical comments were kinda entertaining. And it made me share the link to Banger’s.

    • Hi Cadi,

      He sure did create a tempest! LOL. People have a funny way of showing love – I mean, it all really IS love! We wouldn’t express ourselves if it wasn’t FOR love. I just don’t like seeing businesses receive such backlash over such an ‘unimportant person’ that they claim to repulse – why go through the trouble to express your disgust then right? I haven’t heard a Bieber song in…years. Thank you for your share, and I hope you come back reading! – Elaine

      • Born here and still haven’t left! I can not agree more with how the people have changed from when I was younger and it saddens me! I can not agree with you more!

      • I know! I love our City still, after all these years. With progression things change, I get it. I think the other five thousand viewers affected by my ‘negative’ post are the ones missing the point. I’m not being negative, I’m expressing my opinion – as they have so openly flooded Banger’s Facebook comment section with. Right on! Freedom of Speech! But don’t come off as if people shouldn’t be themselves and express what is on their mind. If you can dish it, better be able to take it too. Cheers to being some of the few native Austinites left in good ol’ ATX!

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