Good Friday, with Ed Gibson and His Austin Eastciders

Good Friday, was very good to me. I spent my time sinning away in  the hip and laid back East Austin, sipping on some cool [alcoholic] apple ciders and munching on complimentary BBQ – You tell me, what could be better on a Friday evening? Thanks to Ed Gibson, and his new exclusive adult beverages: the Austin Eastcider Original and Top Gold ciders were just the delight to enjoy on an open outdoor patio. Thanking the Gods for such beautiful weather in Austin this past year!  I love invites to VIP/media tastings. On to the good stuff….My thoughts on the Original Dry Cider: It came in a tall-boy can, and the design of the can was pleasant on the eyes and somewhat endearing by choice of the navy blue, cream, and gold colors. It made me feel like, “You should drink this cider, the can appears tastefully articulated and quite noble as a can, can be”. With a quick “tshhh” as I cracked open this new brew, I was nervous to try it since I am usually not an avid cider drinker. However, since it was a perfect sunny day, I was ready to enjoy this libation. I downed my first can rather quickly, it was refreshing, perfectly bubbly, and unlike most of the ciders I’ve tried, had the right amount of sweetness. The medley of the different fruity aromas equally hit my palate as soon as I continued sipping. I enjoyed how the flavors complimented each other without me having to dissect all of what I had tasted – perfect. I’d say that it would pair well with fried seafood dishes, steaks, and of course as a dessert brew.

Love the canned design, my favorite.

Love the canned design, my favorite.

My thoughts on the Gold Top: It’s like biting into a cold, juicy, and delicious tart apple. This cider will typically come in a glass bottle [at select stores], however at the event, from a draft tap filled in a pint glass. When I try new alcoholic beverages, I prefer to breathe in the smell of the drink, to get the full profile before I taste it – That’s how we taste our food anyway, by smell right? It definitely smelled sweeter, and had a more defined compartmentalized order of what you would taste with a sip: Tart, Apple Juice, Sweet, and then idyllically, an after taste of what the skin of a tart apple would taste like. This gold and smooth brew was a bit heavier, with a slightly higher alcohol content than it’s sister, the Original Dry Cider. I really enjoyed this cider as the second beverage I had. It was rich, and again, perfectly bittersweet and tart. Oddly enough, I would pair this with chocolate covered fruit, pasta or pizza, bbq grilled foods, or of course as a dessert brew.



Speaking with Mr. Ed Gibson himself:

Q: Why should Austinites drink your cider?

A: “Because it’s not what you think it’s going to be. It’s not like the cider you may have tried.”

Q: Why did you choose Austin, to launch your new brew?

A: “Independent business. Businesses of the city are the face of the city. Austin is diverse, quirky and light spirited. If you’ve traveled the World’s bigger cities as much as I have, you’ll discover that there’s not anywhere else in the World like Austin. Come with a light spirit. Make an effort to be part of the community, instead of just taking it all.”

I let Ed know that I totally pictured that his answers would be so simple, yet fulfilling. That’s all us Austinites want. “Why should I buy, and why did you pick Austin to sell?” If it tastes good, serves a good purpose amongst our peoples, and you mean no harm – We love you, and welcome you with open arms. It’s that simple. Why I recommend this cider to all of you, especially the ladies: To be quite frank, as a female who generally didn’t exercise much and drank like a damn fish in my early adolescence – This cider is a great alternative that can get you just as tipsy as a carbonated, wheat filled, beer. I recently have made a gradual lifestyle change into eating better, exercising regularly, and really enjoying how good my body feels when I take good care of it. I’m not a religious Vegan nor do I boycott foods that people label “unhealthy”. Austin Eastciders beverages are light, crisp, and refreshing – Not filling…AND not to mention, Gluten-Free! And for my ladies, bloating from fatty foods and alcohol occurs almost instantly after consumption – Unless you’re some Goddess of Sex that doesn’t need to exercise or watch what you eat to look fantastic. Oh, another plus for my Asians…although these ciders carry a good amount of alcohol content, your face won’t feel like it’s on fire and won’t turn completely all the way red as a tomato! Where else in the world are you going to be able to sit outside on a hot summer day, underneath the stars, jamming to live music whilst grubbing on good eats…sipping on a beautifully crafted, canned Apple Cider? Exactly! Go out there, and try it for yourself.

For more photos and information about this new brew, check out these sites:

P.S. I really loved them apples.

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