A Spring-Time Foodie Update

Decisions. Take charge, get out of bed, and conquer three new eateries, in this gorgeous Spring weather. I did! I found out about – Juiceland, La Mancha, and Monkey Nest Coffee Shop. Just in time for some ‘Spring Cleaning’. Well, Hi! It has been quite a while since my last post, but I’ve partially cured my writers’ block with a breathe of fresh air and a little bit of adventure in the foodie World.

In hopes to unearth any new food-ventures that will wow my tastebuds, sometimes the results are not what what they may have seemed. But that’s okay, I don’t expect every place to fit my wish list, for the idea of a perfect place to sit, eat, and enjoy. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth writing about, maybe they’ll be the right places for some of you!

First stop, turning off the beaten path of unhealthy eating, and getting back on track with a health-conscious brunch choice at Austin Juiceland. This place juices real fruit, and boasts some fresh tasting mixes. If you want a smoothie that tastes something like Jamba Juice, I recommend that you try being a little adventurous, and order an Aqua Fresca from here before you turn the place down. Z and I have been making all veggie and fruit smoothies for our breakfasts lately, so this place really hit the spot for a little mid-morning refresher.


I ordered the Peach Watermelon agua fresca, and it was divine! Cool, and freshly made – perfect for our day of foodie adventures! P.S. I am sporting the Austin Eastcider’s tee that I snagged at the media tasting, in my last post!

To continue the recuperation of my healthy-eating relapse, we walked and walked through the Allandale/Brentwood neighborhood, pointing out little craft homes that have taken over a once older side of town. We like to paint pictures of what types of houses we’ll live in, and businesses we’d like to own – yes, I’m a very lucky lady to a very special man. A couple hours had passed, and we stopped by a few stores, time to recharge! Z was craving some hearty nachos, and I was ready for another cool beverage, but this time, with alcohol please! Feeding the munchies we had worked up, it was like God heard our wishes and granted us, La Mancha Tex-Mex. With a big ol’ shiny sign and open outdoor patio, we were reeled right in as we turned the corner to this rather large eatery. As enticing as the food and decor may have looked, the service and the food was sub-par. From me to you, Trudy’s is still my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin – However, if you like Tex-Mex that doesn’t have too much seasoning and more back to basic ingredients, this may be the place for you. Come for lunch or happy-hour, prices are a little steep during regular hours.


La Mancha’s 5 mini shrimp tacos

We walked a little more to burn off our guilty pleasurable meal, before we surrendered to rush hour. You wouldn’t imagine how many quirky little small business shops are in this hip part of town. I absolutely love it – Remember, Allandale/Brentwood neck of the woods is where it’s at! You can avoid overcrowding, enjoy good eats, and hit up store after store staying delightfully entertained. Last stop, Monkey Nest Coffee Shop. So glad we walked in here, because I’ve now discovered a coffee shop that has endless amounts of seating, and I would think free Wi-Fi, but I didn’t check that. They’ve got healthy food choices, and also live music some nights. I know where I’ll be coming for business meetings!


I ordered the frozen chai with banana – two of some of my favorite things. It was the perfect refreshing beverage after our day out in town.

So, along with my Spring-time update I am also transferring my site to a new platform, and the next post you will see will include my second Giveaway! Stay tuned! Speaking of Spring, I haven’t even began my Spring Cleaning of the humble abode. Better get to it, before summer arrives. We’re already almost half way through 2014 already! Crazy how time flies…and how much I’ve grown to love this online community of dear friends and fellow writers. I think it’s time to open up a little more, and let you all put a face to the writer. Take care until next time, Happy Eating & Reading!

Meet me and Z

Meet me and Z. Happy Reading!

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