A Personal Bio

Ciao Bella!

Who am I? People call me Elaine, and I am a Cambodian & Chinese female that currently resides in Austin, Texas. I was born here, raised here, and hopefully…soon-to-be moved away from here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been real, and it’s been real good. I’ve always dreamed of moving away to a tropical beach, having my morning workouts out in nature, snapping photos and writing stories of my daily adventures. Some may think this is not attainable in one’s life, but you wouldn’t be living if you never believed in yourself. Follow me on my journey, I will be there sooner than you know it!

In the mean time, I love spending my time with my family…we garden, cook, and eat delicious food from our own kitchen, sometimes splurging on a nice meal in town. From time to time, I’ll post up experimental recipes, but most of the time, I share my dining experiences from where I’ve traveled and of course from the local eats here in my city. My views are purely based on the judgement of my taste-buds, however I am always open to trying new things. As I take this journey from city to city, conquering new foodie adventures, check back for any giveaways and opportunities to get involved with Breathe, Eat, Live!


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